Z80 Hardware Reference
Written by Magnus Hagander (ported by [ftp83+])

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Z80 Hardware Reference

This file contains information on how to program the Z80 microprocessor.


* Registers
* Addressing methods
* Flags
* Symbol descriptions
* Instructions



The following registers are available:

A,B,C,D,E 8-bit registers
AF 16-bit register containing A and flags
BC 16-bit register containing B and C
DE 16-bit register containing D and E
HL 16-bit register used for addressing
F 8-bit Flag register
I 8-bit Interrupt Page address register
IX,IY 16-bit index registers
PC 16-bit Program Counter register
R 8-bit Memory Refresh register
SP 16-bit Stack Pointer register


Addressing methods

The following addressing methods are available:

Mnemonic Description
n Immediate addressing (8-bit)
nn Immediate extending addressing (16-bit)

e Relative addressing (8-bit; PC=PC+2+offset)
[nn] Extended addressing (16-bit)
[xx+d] Indexed addressing (16-bit + 8-bit)
r Register addressing (8-bit)
[rr] Register indirect addressing (16-bit)
b Bit addressing
p Modified page 0 addressing



The following flags are available:

S Sign flag (bit 7)
Z Zero flag (bit 6)
H Half Carry flag (bit 4)

P Parity/Overflow flag (bit 2)
N Add/Subtract flag (bit 1)
C Carry flag (bit 0)


Symbol descriptions

Here is a short description of the symbols that are used in the instruction

b One bit (0 to 7)
cc Condition (C,M,NC,NZ,P,PE,PO,Z)
d One-byte expression (-128 to +127)
dst Destination s, ss, [BC], [DE], [HL], [nn]
e One-byte expression (-126 to +129)

m Any register r, [HL] or [xx+d]
n One-byte expression (0 to 255)
nn Two-byte expression (0 to 65535)
pp Register pair BC, DE, IX or SP
qq Register pair AF, BC, DE or HL
qq' Alternative register pair AF, BC, DE or HL
r Register A, B, C, D, E, H or L
rr Register pair BC, DE, IY or SP
s Any register r, value n, [HL] or [xx+d]
src Source s, ss, [BC], [DE], [HL], nn, [nn]

ss Register pair BC, DE, HL or SP
xx Index register IX or IY



The flag field contains one of the following:

- Flag unaffected
* Flag affected
0 Flag reset
1 Flag set
? Unknown

The following instructions are available:

Mnemonic Flags Description Notes

ADC A,s ***V0* Add with Carry A=A+s+CY
ADC HL,ss **?V0* Add with Carry HL=HL+ss+CY

ADD A,s ***V0* Add A=A+s
ADD HL,ss --?-0* Add HL=HL+ss
ADD IX,pp --?-0* Add IX=IX+pp
ADD IY,rr --?-0* Add IY=IY+rr
AND s ***P00 Logical AND A=A&s
BIT b,m ?*1?0- Test Bit m&{2^b}
CALL cc,nn ------ Conditional Call If cc CALL
CALL nn ------ Unconditional Call -[SP]=PC,PC=nn
CCF --?-0* Complement Carry Flag CY=~CY
CP s ***V1* Compare A-s

CPD ****1- Compare and Decrement A-[HL],HL=HL-1,BC=BC-1
CPDR ****1- Compare, Dec., Repeat CPD till A=[HL]or BC=0
CPI ****1- Compare and Increment A-[HL],HL=HL+1,BC=BC-1
CPIR ****1- Compare, Inc., Repeat CPI till A=[HL]or BC=0
CPL --1-1- Complement A=~A
DAA ***P-* Decimal Adjust Acc. A=BCD format
DEC s ***V1- Decrement s=s-1
DEC xx ------ Decrement xx=xx-1
DEC ss ------ Decrement ss=ss-1

DI ------ Disable Interrupts
DJNZ e ------ Dec., Jump Non-Zero B=B-1 till B=0
EI ------ Enable Interrupts
EX [SP],HL ------ Exchange [SP]<->HL
EX [SP],xx ------ Exchange [SP]<->xx
EX AF,AF' ------ Exchange AF<->AF'
EX DE,HL ------ Exchange DE<->HL
EXX ------ Exchange qq<->qq' (except AF)
HALT ------ Halt
IM n ------ Interrupt Mode (n=0,1,2)

IN A,[n] ------ Input A=[n]
IN r,[C] ***P0- Input r=[C]
INC r ***V0- Increment r=r+1
INC [HL] ***V0- Increment [HL]=[HL]+1
INC xx ------ Increment xx=xx+1
INC [xx+d] ***V0- Increment [xx+d]=[xx+d]+1
INC ss ------ Increment ss=ss+1
IND ?*??1- Input and Decrement [HL]=[C],HL=HL-1,B=B-1
INDR ?1??1- Input, Dec., Repeat IND till B=0

INI ?*??1- Input and Increment [HL]=[C],HL=HL+1,B=B-1
INIR ?1??1- Input, Inc., Repeat INI till B=0
JP [HL] ------ Unconditional Jump PC=[HL]
JP [xx] ------ Unconditional Jump PC=[xx]
JP nn ------ Unconditional Jump PC=nn
JP cc,nn ------ Conditional Jump If cc JP
JR e ------ Unconditional Jump PC=PC+e
JR cc,e ------ Conditional Jump If cc JR(cc=C,NC,NZ,Z)
LD dst,src ------ Load dst=src

LD A,i **0*0- Load A=i (i=I,R)
LDD --0*0- Load and Decrement [DE]=[HL],HL=HL-1,#
LDDR --000- Load, Dec., Repeat LDD till BC=0
LDI --0*0- Load and Increment [DE]=[HL],HL=HL+1,#
LDIR --000- Load, Inc., Repeat LDI till BC=0
NEG ***V1* Negate A=-A
NOP ------ No Operation
OR s ***P00 Logical inclusive OR A=Avs
OTDR ?1??1- Output, Dec., Repeat OUTD till B=0

OTIR ?1??1- Output, Inc., Repeat OUTI till B=0
OUT [C],r ------ Output [C]=r
OUT [n],A ------ Output [n]=A
OUTD ?*??1- Output and Decrement [C]=[HL],HL=HL-1,B=B-1
OUTI ?*??1- Output and Increment [C]=[HL],HL=HL+1,B=B-1
POP xx ------ Pop xx=[SP]+
POP qq ------ Pop qq=[SP]+
PUSH xx ------ Push -[SP]=xx
PUSH qq ------ Push -[SP]=qq

RES b,m ------ Reset bit m=m&{~2^b}
RET ------ Return PC=[SP]+
RET cc ------ Conditional Return If cc RET
RETI ------ Return from Interrupt PC=[SP]+
RETN ------ Return from NMI PC=[SP]+
RL m **0P0* Rotate Left m={CY,m}<-
RLA --0-0* Rotate Left Acc. A={CY,A}<-
RLC m **0P0* Rotate Left Circular m=m<-
RLCA --0-0* Rotate Left Circular A=A<-
RLD **0P0- Rotate Left 4 bits {A,[HL]}={A,[HL]}<- ##

RR m **0P0* Rotate Right m=->{CY,m}
RRA --0-0* Rotate Right Acc. A=->{CY,A}
RRC m **0P0* Rotate Right Circular m=->m
RRCA --0-0* Rotate Right Circular A=->A
RRD **0P0- Rotate Right 4 bits {A,[HL]}=->{A,[HL]} ##
RST p ------ Restart (p=0H,8H,10H,...,38H)
SBC A,s ***V1* Subtract with Carry A=A-s-CY
SBC HL,ss **?V1* Subtract with Carry HL=HL-ss-CY
SCF --0-01 Set Carry Flag CY=1
SET b,m ------ Set bit m=mv{2^b}

SLA m **0P0* Shift Left Arithmetic m=m*2
SRA m **0P0* Shift Right Arith. m=m/2
SRL m **0P0* Shift Right Logical m=->{0,m,CY}
SUB s ***V1* Subtract A=A-s
XOR s ***P00 Logical Exclusive OR A=Axs


That's all there is for this time. If you have any comments, questions or
just a wish to contribute with a program or some information, please e-mail
me, Magnus Hagander (mha@ticalc.org).

Last updated: 95-03-04, 15:30.

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