Oh my G_d! My calculator froze on me! dOn't worry, this should be pretty routine, so get used to it. A simple solution is to take a battery out and then put in back in. This will clear your RAM (That's what backing up your calculator is for). If it is a more serious crash, take out all the batteries, including the lithium CR 1616 back-up battery. Now turn your calculator on (THis will also clear your memory), if your calculator still doesn't turn on, take out ALL the batteries, and leave your calculator on the table to sit for a while (1-24hrs) to let the memory "calm" down. Chances are your program did something in the memory the calculator didn't like, so it crashed. Let me just tell you, IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PERMANENTLY MESS UP YOUR CALCULATOR! So don't worry about it, just give it time. If your calculator doesn't turn back on within 24 hours, call Texas Instruments at 1-800-TICARES. Just a reminder, I'm not responsible for any damage (if any) that happens to your calculator. The source code of the programs in my tutorials have been tested and debugged numerous times. They shouldn't cause any problems unless they have been tampered with.

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