Tutorial 6
Moving the cursor to the next line


This is a seemingly worthless but none the less important tutorial on moving the cursor to the next line.

The Source Code

This code will move the cursor to the new line.

#define B_CALL(xxxx)	rst 28h \ .dw xxxx		
#define B_JUMP(xxxx)	call 50h \ .dw xxxx	

_homeup		=4558h
_newline		=452Eh	
_clrlcdfull		=4540h
	.org 9D95h	
	B_CALL(_homeup)		;Call up the home screen
	B_CALL(_newline)		;Move cursor to next line
	ret			;Return home



The screen should look like this after you run the program:

As you can see, there is an empty line on the top of the screen followed by a "Done" message and the blinking cursor on the next line. If it weren't for the "Done" message, the cursor would have been on the preceding line. The point is, the cursor isn't on the "First line". But rather on the next "empty" one.

New Commands

_newline - sets the cursor on the next "empty" line.

Related Commands

Did you know there is actually a ROM call that displays the "Done" message on the screen? Well that call is _DispDone (_DispDone = 45B5h). Try it out.

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