Tutorial 5
Assembling Asm Programs


You will learn the steps to assembling Asm programs using TASM.

Backround Information

TASM stands for Telemark Cross Assembler. The TASM assembler assembles for the Intel 8080 processor. What!? But we're assembling for Zilog's Z80 processor! Don't worry =) When the Z80 was developed by Zilog (A renegade group of Intel engineers), it was highly based off of the Intel 8080. In fact. they are cross compatible! That's why we're using TASM to assemble our programs.

Checklist for Assembling

- Is the program written in z80 Asm?
- Does the program have a .z80 file extension?
- Have you self checked it for errors?
- Have you had a friend (or me) check it?
- Have you properly installed all the software?
- Have you backed up your calculator?

Once this checklist is completed, continue on.

Assembling Programs

Now, copy the program you've written from the "MyPrgms" folder to the "TASMassembler" folder. Next, in the "TASMassembler" folder, make sure if you used any include files that they're in the folder along with the written program. In the "TASMassembler" folder, create a new text file called "Start.bat". You may edit this file later by right clicking on it and clicking on edit. In the "start.bat" file type in asm progname. Where progname is the name of the program you've written. Do not include the .z80 extension when typing in the name. Now save it and close the file. Now, to start assembling the program, click on the "start.bat" file. If all goes well, the assembler should have outputted a .hex file. If it did go on. If the assembler gave you an error message, click here to try to debug it.

Sending and Running

Open the progname.hex file in the "TASMassembler" folder. Select the entire contents of the file and copy it. Then open the TI-Graph Link program and type in AsmPrgm in the new program editing area on the right. Paste the contents of the .hex file there. Give it a name and send it to RAM. Make sure if you're using a Graph Link, that the link is securely connected to one of the computers COM ports. Then, on the calculator, press [2nd] + [Catalog] . Then scroll down to Asm (. Hit enter to paste it to the home screen. Then hit [Prgm] then select your program. Hit Enter. The home screen should look like this:

Asm ( prgmprogname

Hit enter to execute the command. Your Asm program is now running! What if it Crashes?

If you don't have a Graph Link, create a new program on the TI-83 Plus. Paste the AsmPrgm token in the program. Then you'll have to hand copy each charater from the .hex file to the calculator.


To compile your program, paste the AsmComp( token from the catalog. Then paste the program you want to complile to the screen, then hit the , button. Then, from the catalog, paste the Prgm token to the screen. Then type in a name up to 8 characters long. It cannot be the same as the program you are compiling. Your calc screen should look like this:

AsmComp(prgmprogname, prgmprogname2

Hit enter and your program has now been compiled. You can run the program the same way as the program before you compiled it.

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