Using Pic83 and Neopaint


This is a guide based off of James Matthew's Asmguru on how to convert .pcx files to .asm. You will need quite a few programs for this. Pic83 by Bill Nagel, Neopaint by Neosoft, and Paintshop Pro. The Pic83 you can get from the Ti-Philes or ti-calc.org homepage. The other software is very easy to get through the web at Softseek.com. Paintshop Pro is not necessary, any decent paint program will work. Neopaint is necessary.


1.) Open a picture in Paintshop Pro or make on in NeoPaint. Resample the image to 96x64 pixels. Then reduce the colours to 2 colours, using order diffusion. You can change the other values to the settings that suit you best.

2.) Save this file in the Neopaint directory (for convience only).

3.) Open Neopaint, use the 640x480 256 colour mode. Open your picture.

4.) Convert the picture to 256 colours on opening it.

5.) Save it.

6.) Use pic83.exe to convert the file. The syntax is as follows:


7.) Copy the code and paste in to your program.

8.) Compile and send!


Cool eh'? Well this isn't nessasry to make pictures but it sves you time from hand doing it yourself. Now back to the lessons!