Legal Stuff

You've probably seen hundreds of disclaimers in Asm related programs, articles, and well... stuff! Well, this is just another one of them. Here's the legal stuff:

By opening and using these tutorials you hereby discredit me from any responsiblilty if your calculator or computer crashes or blows up from the use of these tutorials.

What I'm trying to say here is that if anything BAD happens to your calculator by using the program examples in this help file, I'm not responsible for it. They should be bug free by now, I've tested and had other people test them. They're fine now. I'm also not responsible for anything BAD happens to your computer through the use of the ObjHex program. I've also tested it many times, it will work. If you're the .000001 percent of the people who downloaded these tutorials and recieves a message saying ther's a virus in the program, you can blame the file transfer protocol for corrupting the file, not me. I've already had that happen once, though the person smartly tested it for viruses. Nothing BAD happened in this incident.

Though all this "disclaimer" stuff, you probably think I won't help you fix the problem. Nope that's not the case. I will gradly help you resolve the problem but will not be held responsible for it. This ends the dreaded disclaimer. =)