Given my example, the original (as bought) Torx screwdriver couldn't be placed appropriately in the pit containing the screw; I had to modify it in order to work.

    Originally, the tip of the screwdriver looked like this:

Nomal Torx head


    With a carbide (green) grinding stone (I found recently that the aluminium oxide one - orange works well too, just wear out faster) on a Dremel, I ground off some material to obtain this:

Ground Torx head

    I admit it may look barbaric, but it does the job perfectly, and it's the best you can do with just one tool anyway. On the other hand, screwdrivers are often made of  tempered steel, even carbide grinding stones become worn out pretty fast on this material, so be careful if you are using small ones !

    Finally, if you're patient enough or don't have a Dremel or similar tool, I guess you can use a metal file to get the same result.

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