Read me File for HGG's Math Programs (v 2.0)

The Zip should contain:

_HGGEX.8xp *
_HGGFACT.8xp *
_HGGSQRT.8xp *
README.htm (this file)

* "_" will be <Theta> in the program menu, I liked to have the subroutines at the button of the program menu.



You can put all programs on the calculator or refer to my web page for other program combinations

Start the package with the program AHGGMATH (will simply call HGGMAIN)

The first time the program is installed or the list SET is deleted, the program will prompt a question: "Use save Var?" This means, do you want to save all real variables to a list and restore the values after the usage of my program. An example: You save 5 to variable A. You need this value for further calculations! You want to use the quadratic formula of my program. This function overwrites A. You can restore 5 to a if you use SAVE VAR. In case you answer with Yes, the program HGGSAVA is required, otherwise you do not need it.
NOTE: This works only if the functions are called through HGGMAIN or AHGGMATH.

Use the functions of the program...

Functions of programs:

I will not go into detail of which program does what. See my web page for more details.

The main functions are:

What's new in version 2.0: