CalcMod Version 2.2


  1. Whats New in CalcMod 2.2
  2. Operation of CalcMod
  3. Developer Info
  4. Known Bugs
  5. Special Thanks
  6. Screen Shots
  1. What's New in CalcMod 2.2

  2. Operation of CalcMod

  3. Keys:
    Y= Play the currently selected MOD
    Window Searches for the next song, and returns to the first one if there isn't another
    Graph Quits CalcMod or stops the playing of a song, whichever it displays :)

  4. Developer Info

  5. CalcMod has relatively strange formats:

    Mono Format:

    Stereo Format (Old):

    Stereo Format (New):

  6. Known Bugs

  7. None that I know of... that does NOT mean, though, that there are none. I have not found any, but if you find one, email me at . I am also not responsible for anything that this program may consequentially do to your calculator.

  8. Special Thanks

  9. *: I wrote the Stereo and New Mono routines from scratch!

  10. Screen Shots

  11. GUI Playing