Elements v3.0

Michael Vincent

Table of Contents

  1. Installing
  2. Running
  3. How to Use
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Credits

Installing Elements
  1. Open your TI-GRAPHLINK software by clicking Start, Programs, TI-Graph Link, TI-Graph Link 83 Plus. Click the Link menu, Send Flash Software, Applications and Certificates. Browse to find elements.8xk (included in this zip file). Highlight it, and click the Add button. Then click OK. Elements should be sent to your calculator.
  2. To verify Elements is on your calculator, press the APPS key. You should see "Elements" listed.


Press the APPS key on your calculator. Scroll down to Elements and press enter.

How to Use Elements

Graphical Periodic Table Screen:

Arrow keys - Move around the table
2nd/Enter - View detailed information for currently selected element
Prgm - Go to element search.
Mode - Quits Elements

Detailed Element Information Screen:

2nd - Swaps between pages 1 and 2 of info. for current element
Left/right arrows - Move up or down one element (by atomic #)
Up/down arrows - Move up or down ten elements (by atomic #)
Mode - Return to graphical periodic table screen

Element Search

Type as many letters of the element as you know and press ENTER. The first match will be displayed at the detailed info. screen. You do not need to press ALPHA or anything, just type. You can press the left arrow to backspace, and CLEAR to start over.


If you find any errors or inaccuracies in Elements, please e-mail me at michael@radicalsoft.org. Comments/suggestions/questions are also welcomed. For flames/spam, please send to /dev/null.


Credit goes to Dmitry Mendeleyev for inventing the Periodic Table. Without him, this program would not exist.